Julianne Dillingham

Interior Designer

Fueled by her passion for art, design, and aesthetics, Julianne excels in her role as an Interior Designer with GREENWORKS Studio. Her vivacious spirit is present in all her work, ranging from technical design to full-scale renovations. Julianne thrives in the creative environment curated by her mentor and GREENWORKS Studio leader, Beth Raquepau.

She loves curating local art and accessories to give clients a personalized experience and collaborating with the marketing team to tie all design aspects together to bring the vision to life during the final installation.


  • Creates functional and aesthetic designs that help boost productivity, increase sales, attract customers or enhance living spaces
  • Responsible for planning the use and layout of the space and designing with color, furniture, fixtures, etc.
  • Develops drawings, presentations, and cost estimates and coordinates the work of contractors
  • Researches and selects colors, lighting, materials and furniture
  • Assisting in installations as needed organizing/building/maintaining resource library
  • Connecting with vendors and sales representatives
  • Work with design team to define project requirements and develop design criteria
  • Work with design team to create and present interior design concepts in response to client needs
  • Work with design team to create estimates and schedules
  • Create and maintain PO’s invoices and track orders
  • Track and manage Project Budgets


  • Bachelor of Science Degree from Baker College of Auburn Hills

Interests & Hobbies

Julianne enjoys spending quality time with her family. She is an Aunt of 5, you can imagine how much fun that is! She loves enjoys outdoor adventures, doing yoga and working out at Orange Theory Fitness. When there’s time left over, she loves binging TV shows. Last, but not least she loves to travel, trying new restaurants, and a good cocktail (vodka or tequila preferred).




Interior Design Associate, Village Green Interiors


Interior Designer, GREENWORKS Studio


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Company Info

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